Image of Sample pack, large. All scents.

Sample pack, large. All scents.


This is for all 13 scents.
Packaged in a black box.

Parlor Ghost- Black tea, bergamot, lavender
Foxglove- Tobacco, bay leaf, amber
Divination- Green tea, black amber, lavender, vetiver
Witching Hour- Smoky chocolate, cedar wood, saffron, sandalwood
Seven Gables- Rose, cardamom, cedar wood
Natural History- Old books, black tea, amber, leather
Boudoir- Grapefruit, vanilla, lace
Crowley- Nag Champa incense
Laveau- Sandalwood, bourbon
The Medium- White florals, creamy coconut, peach, leather
Opium Den- Frankincense and myrrh, orange blossom, creamy vanilla, patchouli, cedar wood, and coffee.
Dearly Departed- Fresh florals, grass, dirt, rose
Man of Letters- Scotch, mahogany, smoke and leather

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